Duration - 6 weeks

Plus 1 week bonus

About the course
This course will highlight your business skills and talents which are built into your DNA. You will get successful codes on how to get your business fulfilment. You will find the right way to express the potential of your role. And you will get a sense of well being in the workplace. You will finally understand the mechanics of how to operate on the material plane. This course is based on Human Design for Business and 20 years of Yana's personal experience in different spheres.
Who is this course for?
  • Who is lost and does not know where to move on.

  • Who wants to change their current job, but does not know which direction to choose.

  • Who wants to improve their performance at their current job, but does not know how to do it.

  • For managers and executives who want to improve their leadership skills.

  • For business owners who want to increase the efficiency of their business.

  • For hr and headhunters who hire people and want to figure out if the person meets the company's needs.

  • For parents who want to help their teens plan for the future. Find out their teens potential and are ready to help unlock it, without imposing their choice.
The course author
Yana Gavrilita
Course creator, Career and Business Consultant.
Career and business consultant, startup-er, entrepreneur and top- manager with international experience in Australia, the UK and Ukraine. In this course, Yana combined all her knowledge and all her experience over 20 years of work. Yana Gavrilita offers you a unique methodology for your business potential fulfillment.
Course program
Start date - TBC
6 online session 2,5h each once a week.
Additional session in a month after the completion of the course.
The course consists of theory, practice and home assignments. Each participants will benefit from business DNA skills analysis.
Week 1
DNA and business - what is connection.
Career types.
Week 2
Interaction style in business environment.
Business decision-making strategy.
Key business indicators.
Week 3
Assimilation - how you process information.
Your public role.
Your manifestation in business environment.
Week 4
Conscious and unconscious business skills.
Penta - small groups and running your own business.
Wa - large groups and work in corporate business.
Week 5
Strengths and weaknesses (shadows) and their potential.
Business fulfillment.
Material ways. Which direction and sphere to choose.
Week 6
Practical usage of this knowledge.
Business DNA skills analysis.
Additional week
1 additional session in a month after course completion.
Q&A after implementing your business skills.
What you get after the course
You will learn a material trajectory that is correct for you and how to operate on the material plane.

You will learn your shadows and how to transform them into your opportunities.

You will be able to unlock your business potential and learn how to be more effective and successful.

You will be able to analyze the business potential of your employees, colleagues, friends and bosses.

You will learn new profitable directions and spheres suitable for you.

You will understand how to make correct business decisions and how to be selective about what suits you and what doesn't.

How will the course work
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Course format
Online zoom sessions every weekend (time will be confirmed).
You will receive audio and video recordings and home assignments after each session. So you can go on your own path at a convenient time for you.
Individual work

The course will take place in small groups in order to get maximum individual work. The course includes a theoretical part and immediate practice on the charts of participants. After each session, home assignments will help you unlock your business potential.

After course
You will receive an overview business DNA skills report. Another additional session is also scheduled in a month to answer all the questions that arose during the implementation process. At the end of the course, you will be able to do an overview of business DNA skills analysis for your employees, colleagues and friends.
Early Bird Price
AUD92 per 1 session
6 online sessions
Your business DNA skills analysis
Audio and video recordings (6 months access)
Presentation and useful material
1 additional session in a month after course completion
business DNA skills analysis for additional person - A$100

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Normal price
AUD127 per 1 session
6 online sessions
Your business DNA skills analysis
Audio and video recordings (6 months access)
Presentation and useful material
1 additional session in a month after course completion
business DNA skills analysis for additional person - A$100
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Start date — TBC
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