Live your life because this is the only life you have

Stop pretending to know, stop being focus that does not make sense for you, stop being someone else, stop proving yourself, stop doing the job you hate, stop being workaholic, stop looking for love and direction, stop feeling lost, stop feeling guilty, stop being a victim, stop stressing and be in a hurry, stop suffering, stop being in codependent and unhealthy relationships, stop being frustrated, angry, bitter and disappointed. You just stop for a second. If you don't know how to stop, I'm here to support you with the practical tools that will help you to feel satisfaction, peace, success and that will definitely surprise you.

Yana Gavrilita

Human Design for Business
Anyone can be successful in business or career. This is a tool that gives you proven success formula of being yourself and make profit easily.
Make my business work for me
What is Human Design
Human Design is your “user manual” for your life.
How would this user manual help you? The manual would guide you on how to navigate life perfectly aligned with who you are. Detailing your talents, skills, and potential it would give you a map for actualizing these. It would help you understand how you are designed to engage with the world and show you where you are susceptible to your environment's influence and conditioning. The manual reveals how your inner guidance system operates and provides you with practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your experience of life
Human Design Readings
Learning how to operate in alignment with your individual needs, with your partner and your child.
Express Reading
Express introduction to your uniqueness. Wake up call that shows you if you are ready to embrace your uniqueness.
Basic Reading
A full map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself.
Partnership Analysis
A composite design reveals the chemistry between you and the other, whether it is your partner, mother, child or friend.
Child Reading
Parenting guidance to recognize your children’s inherent skills and uniqueness, to support them to grow up being themselves.
Online Courses
Living Your Design
Deconditioning Experience
My Unique Child
Conscious Parenting
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