Let's talk about Sexuality

Welcome to Let's talk about Sexuality event! Join me online for an open and honest discussion about all things related to sexuality from Human Design perspective.
It's all started with a 7 girls discussion about sex. Why I don't want to have sex with my husband any more? Why I don't have energy for that anymore? Can you recommend a sexologist who can fix it easily? Is something wrong with me? I'm pretty sure you can add a lot more questions here.

We will cover:
Why Sexuality is no longer a prime force as we move past 2027.
We will talk about sexual availability and sexual drive.
How global cycle conditions our intimacy.
Discover who you’ll bond most deeply with.
Difference between sacral and non-sacral beings and their sexuality.
Why we don’t want sex anymore and if there is any cure for this.
We will have a look at Oscar-winner Emma Stone in the movie "Poor Things". I recommend to watch this movie before the event.

Location - This is an online event and you can join from anywhere. Online Zoom link will be sent 12 hours before the event.
Date - Saturday 23 March at 7 PM (Brisbane time) or 11 AM (Kiev time)
Payment - there are a few payment options available (Eventbrite, bank transfer, PayPal, PrivatBank). If you can't pay for some reason, please contact me directly on yana.gavrilita@gmail.com
Fee - AUD 20 / USD15 / UAH550
Recording - the recording will be held during the webinar. If you can't join us, you will have an opportunity to watch it later.
This event will be held in RU language.

Let's break the taboos and start talking!
See you there!
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